New Focus, Same Mission

Auntie Helen’s would like to announce the election of their new governing board who’s volunteers will take over the helm and help lead our great organization in a new direction that will help us aid the community now and in years to come. 

In order to better serve this purpose, the board has crafted a new mission statement that will help take us in the next step toward the future!

” We envision a community where people living with HIV/AIDS can have an empowered, loving life without barriers. Auntie Helen’s started in 1988 as a Fluff & Fold for those affected with HIV/AIDS.  In 1989, we grew to generate support for the benefit of those affected, by providing a community thrift store. We have now broadened our resources to serve as a link to medical care and mental health programs for those who are positive, as well as to provide resources for their families and friends. Auntie Helen’s partners with medical clinics in San Diego to offer free preventative care, confidential testing, and educational resources for preventive drugs.  In doing so, we hope to be part of the future without AIDS”

  While we sincerely hope we can make a great new start in providing services to the community we want to be mindful of the past and where we came from. We especially want to thank San Diego Human Dignity Foundation for investing in the Auntie Helen’s expansion.  While the hope that the new store would generate grant revenue for the community, unfortunately patronage couldn’t sustain the effort. As such we returned to our original footprint in North Park where we plan to reinvigorate the community and assist our fellow brothers and sisters.




4127 30th St
San Diego, CA 92104




(619) 501-0209